Tooele Valley Nursery

We are now open for online sales! A few points as you shop our new website:

We are still adding items, this is not our complete expected inventory. 

If items show as “out of stock” that means they are not in the store yet. Just like every year, it is mid May before we get everything in. Some plants are brought into the nursery later than others because of weather, bloom time, etc. also, plants are heavy and we aren’t getting any younger, we need a little recovery time between truckloads. 

Pictures on the items may or may not be of the in store stock.

This website will not be the same as shopping on amazon. We don’t have unlimited inventory. If for instance you put an item in your cart and plan on it still being available weeks later you may be disappointed to see it is now “out of stock “.

There will be no in store shopping at this time. We were not planning on needing a website for all our sales just a few weeks ago. Thank You for your support and patience!

About Us

Since our opening back in 2007 Tooele Valley Nursery has been striving to provide our community with high quality plants that will thrive in our area.


Tooele Valley Nursery website is now open. Plants can be picked up at our physical location or a delivery can be scheduled. No in store shopping at this time. 


425 E Cimmarron Way, Erda, UT 84074

Pickup times available: Monday-Saturday 10am -5pm. No in store shopping at this time.